30 in 30: A Chiefs Countdown to Opening Day – Day 7

We’re counting down until Opening Day with a new post on our Inside the Chiefs blog every day until Syracuse’s opener on April 3rd. Here’s what’s on tap today…


Let’s stop ignoring the big white elephant in the room – there’s snow all over the ground in Syracuse. The NBT Bank Stadium field is no exception.

Live look-in.

Live look-in.

And, in case you were hoping things were on an upswing…there’s now a storm warning in effect from Wednesday morning until Thursday morning. Insert whatever sound effect you feel is appropriate here. I choose to insert “blergh”.

But will that stop us from playing here in Syracuse? No! Baseball in snow’s been played before, and it will happen. How about the Brewers and Reds from Cincinnati in 2011?

Brewers in snow

Or Jay Gibbons, searching for an Ellis Burks single in 2003?

He didn't find it at first, if you can believe that.

He didn’t find it at first, if you can believe that.

We can even go all the way back to a Braves/Pirates game in 1954 – where a crowd of 12,000 showed up despite snow and freezing temperature!

Braves Pirates snow

And if all else fails – at least the Chiefs won’t need to worry about running out of baseballs…

Parnell snowball

Nice choice of footwear. Maybe the Chiefs have some of those lying around if the snow swallows their cleats.


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Kevin Brown

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