30 in 30: A Chiefs Countdown to Opening Day – Day 15

We’re counting down until Opening Day with a new post on our Inside the Chiefs blog every day until Syracuse’s opener on April 3rd. Here’s what’s on tap today…


I’ve been in quite a musical mood today, thanks to a couple of disparate albums I’ve run through – Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Soundgarden’s Superunknown. (I just bought tickets to see the latter – as for the former, well, no one ever needs an excuse to listen to Elton John.) So today’s blog post pertains to music in baseball – specifically, players’ intro music.

That’s one of my favorite things about baseball – a chance for every player to personalize himself a bit picking the exact piece of music (and exact segment of that piece of music) that marks his arrival to the game. How great is that? No other sport allows this to happen, but the individual nature of baseball means every batter or pitcher gets an opportunity to express himself in some way through music.

Everyone knows about Mariano Rivera jogging in to “Enter Sandman” – but here are a few of my underappreciated favorites…

Jayson Werth

I don’t know if there’s a major leaguer with more eclectic taste in walk-up music than Werth, the Nationals’ right fielder. Last year, his first at-bat would be introed by the theme song from The Walking Dead. Following his second at-bat song – Dave Matthews Band’s “Warehouse”, which I could do without – Werth kicks it old-school for his third trip to the plate…

Love it. (I now get extra-excited when I hear this Zevon classic in lieu of Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long”, which steals from not only this song, but “Sweet Home Alabama”, and mildly desecrates both.) But the real kicker comes in Werth’s fourth trip to the plate…

The Game of Thrones theme! Is there anything more epic than that? If I was a pitcher at this point in the game, I’d just intentionally walk Werth for fear of unleashing the Mother of Dragons. For the use of not only one TV theme song but two, Werth deserves some kind of special award. Maybe a life-sized trophy of his beard.

Ryan Mattheus

Mattheus, recovering from chest discomfort, just returned to the mound on Monday – meaning he’s unfortunately a bit behind schedule, meaning the Chiefs may see him this season, meaning fans may hear this at NBT Bank Stadium…

As MASN’s Dan Kolko points out, the use of “Firework” started as a joke in Harrisburg in 2011. But once Mattheus started dominating hitters left and right, as he did in nine scoreless outings with Syracuse, the tune stuck. It’s nowhere close to your run-of-the-mill intro song – and that’s why I love it. Boom, boom, boom.

Jeff Mandel

OK, there’s nothing fancy or notable behind this pick from Mandel, a Chief from 2010 to 2013. But “Gold on the Ceiling” is quite possibly one of my 10 favorite songs from the past five years. I can’t not include it. Play this as loud as humanly possible.

Best intro music in my three years covering the Chiefs = you get your picture in the blog. Congratulations, Jeff!

Best intro music in my three years covering the Chiefs = you get your picture in the blog. Congratulations, Jeff!


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Kevin Brown

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