30 in 30: A Chiefs Countdown to Opening Day – Day 19

We’re counting down until Opening Day with a new post on our Inside the Chiefs blog every day until Syracuse’s opener on April 3rd. Here’s what’s on tap today…


We’ve mentioned before in this space that the Chiefs are committed to fun and off-the-beaten-path promotions this year. Well, here’s one that’s seen quite a bit of ink recently.* On July 1st, we’re giving away free general-admission tickets for life to fans who get a visible tattoo of the Chiefs logo, on Carmelo’s Ink City Tattoo Night.

Let’s roll that back one more time for emphasis.

Free general admission tickets. For LIFE.

*I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the awful pun.

It’s Tattoo Appreciation Night, which means you can also get the tattoo for free. Just make sure it’s somewhere you wouldn’t mind revealing – you will have to actually show the tattoo when cashing in for tickets.

This promotion’s been making some waves over the last 48 hours – in fact, even ESPN’s Keith Olbermann has chimed in:

Don’t be fooled by the title of the video – Olbermann’s reaction is largely positive, calling Tattoo Night a great promotion.  KO even went to a couple of Chiefs games back in the day! Who knew?

Let the record here show, Mr. Olbermann – if you’re up for it, we’ll have you come step into the broadcast booth for a game this year – either on Tattoo Night, or on any other night you want. And you’ll be our “World’s Best Person in Syracuse”.


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Kevin Brown

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