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What happens in Vegas…

Members of the Chiefs front office will be in Las Vegas this week for the Baseball Winter Meetings.

The Winter Meetings are best known for the Major League side of things where GMs get together and make trades, sign the big free agents, and draft the next Johan Santana in the Rule V Draft.  However, all 160 Minor League teams also gathr at the same time to conduct business.

Here’s a quick rundown of what goes on at the Minor League meetings…

Monday is the annual Freitas Seminar, which consists of lectures and roundtable discussions about the business of baseball.  Topics like ticket sales, media/public relations, marketing, merchandise, security, and fan experience are discussed.  The awards banquet also takes place on Monday with several awards going out to various Minor League teams, players, executives, and even groundskeepers.

On Tuesday, the International League conducts its annual meeting.  Also, Tuesday, there are a few breakout sessions, which are similar to Monday’s roundtable discussions, but limited to the IL teams.

On Wednesday, there is a joint triple-A meeting, where issues related to all IL and PCL teams are discussed.

The other big event that goes on throughout the meetings is the trade show.  The trade show is huge with vendors set up to sell promo items, entertainment acts, ticket software, batting cages, seats, concession items, etc.  Basically everything imaginable is on display at the trade show.

So that’s it in a nutshell, maybe not as exciting as signing CC Sabathia to a record contract, but probably just as important.

By the way, the Chiefs office is open this week, so if you still haven’t picked up your Entertainment Bailout Plan, Coupon Book, or Season Tickets, you can get that taken care of.

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