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Often on Chiefs blogs we might criticize our good friend Bud Poliquin for his views on baseball, but today we applaud Bud on his views concerning Alliance Bank Stadium.

The field surface, preferably grass, scoreboard, bullpens on the field and so on need to be done.  Hopefully, our out-going County Executive and members of the County Legistlature agree and get on with the process of making improvements to Alliance Bank Stadium.

To continue and make claims that the ball club owes utility bills for prior years remains unfounded.  And to use that as an excuse is irrational.  The Chiefs have provided the County in cash with $250,000 for the turf replacement fund and will contribute another $125,000 over the next five years.  We have paid our share.

The ball club has also paid an additional $250,000 in cash to the County for infrastructure funds that could be used for a new scoreboard.  And they will pay an additional $125,000 more towards this fund.  Again we have paid our share towards the new scoreboard.

Okay Mr. County Executive, Bernie Kraft, and members of the Legistalture, It’s time to begin taking care of this facility!!!!


It is the Night before Christmas and we hope that everyone has reached their destinations safely and can now sit back relax and enjoy the greatest night of the year.

We here at hope that you have enjoyed our somewhat serious, somewhat funny post during the year.  We have enjoyed providing the Baseball/Chiefs fans with up-to date information that only Chiefs Blogs can provide.

So as you sit back and relax this evening with a glass of egg nog with the company of family and friends lets leave Santa with a list of things we would all like to see in 2007:

*  First Place finish in the I.L. East and a Governors Cup Championship and a trip to the Bricktown Showdown in Oklahoma City in September.

*  One more good season from Chad Mottola as he continues to rewrite the Chiefs record book.

*  A healthy John Ford Griffin so he can duplicate his 30 HR’s and 103 RBI’s from the 2005 season.

*  Adam Lind all season

*  Kevin Barker, Chad Mottola and John Ford Griffin in the 3-4-5 spot.

*  25 starts from Dustin McGowan, John Banks, Ismael Ramirez, Ty Taubenheim and Casey Janssen without being called up once.

*  No Rainouts the entire season.

*  For Nick Pirro and the County Legistlature to approve funding for the relacement of the artifical turf, new video scoreboard and lights so our centerfielder can see the ball.

*  A new shortstop or a good deal of improvement from Sergio Santos in 2007.

*  Lee Gronkiewicz to save 35 games.

*  No injuries in Toronto (unless it’s Frank Thomas).

*  Frank Thomas to rehab in Syracuse for a week.

*  More fans to watch Chiefs Baseball than ever before.

*  A positive story about the Chiefs from our local newspaper.

*  Russ Adams to rebound from his 2006 season and get back to the major leagues.

*  Chiefs players to be the envy of the I.L. with our hot new uniforms.

*  Snow on April 5th, now that we are Opening the season in Durham.

*  70 degrees and sunny on April 14th vs Ottawa for the Home Opener.

*  Scooch to have another mascot to help him at the stadium.

*  Jeff Costello and the Everything Irish Committee good weather on July 12th so they don’t get rained out for the 3rd straight year.

*  Cooler weather for our next Dog Lover’s Night this summer.

*  A new Picnic Area for fans to enjoy.

*  Bud Poliquin to actually stay for a game.

*  And good health to everyone young and old for the year to come.

                              MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!


Our good friend Bud Poliquin wrote today that he wondered why County Executive Nick Pirro did not chastise the Syracuse Chiefs for a poor record like he did the Syracuse Crunch on Wednesday.  First of all, the question should be why would any governmental official question the player development agreement that any professional team has.  Columbus with the Crunch or the Blue Jays with the Chiefs. In baseball, it works like this – the Chiefs provide a facility for the major league club (Toronto) to send their players to play for the season.  The Chiefs take care of travel, equipment, umpires, etc..  The Blue Jays provide 30 players, coaches and pay for their salaries that in 2006 totaled over 2.5 million dollars.  The Chiefs can ask their parent team to bring back players they believe are good for the team and community, ie Chad Mottola, Kevin Barker, etc..but can’t insist that they play here.  Example #1 top Blue Jays prospect Chip Cannon plays first base so does veteran Kevin Barker.   Cannon will play in Syracuse at some point in 2007 with Barker moving to DH or the outfield.  I believe in Hockey certain players need to play in Syracuse to find out if they can reach the next level – the NHL.  I can excuse Nick for not understanding the process, but Bud!! No major league organization can promise you a 80-60 season, just as I’m sure no hockey team can promise you a Calder Cup Championship team.  And by the way the 2005-2006 Crunch totaled over 100 points and had a pretty darn good club.  And the 2005 Chiefs finished 71-73 and were in the playoff race until the final two weeks of the season (only 4-games back on August 24th ).

The real issue, the one that Bud missed is that facilities like the War Memorial and Alliance Bank Stadium need to be taken care of by our community leaders.  That’s their job.  Not to be player development people.   Our job as operators of franchises are to make sure that the Toronto’s and Columbus’s want to stay here and send their players to our city.  We as operators must also contribute to the leagues we play in and not force those league’s to question our community’s commitment to our sports. 

Although only 10-years old Alliance Bank Stadium now needs new turf, the scoreboard is obsolete and seldom works properly, seats have begun to need major repair and the lighting failed major league baseballs latest testing.  The War Memorial  has seen it’s better day – like maybe when the Syracuse Nats played here.  Although the Veterans display is outstanding the remainder of the building is still stuck in the 60’s.  The players locker rooms are totally unacceptable for this level of Hockey and their playing surface (the ice) has been a problem since they returned in 1994.

Maybe it’s time that someone else was in charge of these decisions.  A group of  individuals who understand professional sports and facility management is needed.  Our County Executive, Deputy County Executive and Legislature are good people – but unfortunately in these two areas, they are either getting bad advise or they are in over their heads.

But that doesn’t excuse our good friend Bud Poliquin who shouldn’t be questioning why our County Executive said what he said and excused the Chiefs on field performance –  but rather why did he say it at all.  Bud seldom misses the point but today he wasn’t even close.


The Tigers need to win tonight or the season is over.   Let’s hope it goes seven to extend the baseball season for a few more days….Is it me or did the national media make a major case out of Kenny Rogers pine tar incident.  Not that we have any knowledge of wrong doing with pitchers in the minor leagues, but has anyone ever looked at or touched a catchers shin guard or chest protector and wondered why its sticky??? And if Tony LaRussa makes a major case out of it, wouldn’t that prevent his pitchers from doing the same?  Even our own Bud Poliquin had to be schooled by Steve Grilli on radio this week on what he did back in the 70’s…..Minor league free agents were announced this week and the Blue Jays have 19 players eligable.  Names of interest who could play elsewhere include Mike MaHoney, Luis Figueroa, Wayne Lydon, Ben Howard, Rodney Ormond, Adrian Burnside and Kevin Barker. Figueroa would like to return in 2007.  Lydon and Barker might move on.  Next week we will publish players we might want to see in Syracuse that are available….”Inside Pitch” airs tomorrow (Saturday October 28th) at 9:00 AM on ESPN Radio 1260 AM.  Guest include Tigers pitcher Jason Grilli and Major League Baseball Executive Vice President, Baseball Operation Jimmie Lee Solomon from the commissioners office.  We will also have time to talk World Series, hopefully game 6, turf vs grass, and major league affiliations…..Inside Pitch is also the lead in for Syracuse University vs Louisville pre-game show hosted by Matt Park…Our weekly Football prediction Syracuse 17 Cincinnati 16……Pop Warner football invades Alliance Bank Stadium this weekend.  Friday-Sunday over 12 games will be played by area Pop Warner teams….Have a great Weekend….

Thanks For Coming

It was great to see so many fans at the Stadium this past weekend at the Chiefs 1st Annual Memoribilia and Merchandise Sale.  Fans picked up some great bargains on cleats, jerseys, pants, helmets and much more.  But more importantly they were able to return to the stadium and talk baseball.  We appreciated all who stopped by and hope to have you all back again before the holidays…..Our good friend Bud Poliquin forgot to mention one former native Syracuse player Dave Giusti in his story on Saturday.  Giusti lived in Syracuse and attended N. Syracuse High School and later Syracuse University.  Dave appeared in the 1971 World Series with the Pirates and did not alllow a run in 5 innings in the Pirates Champioship season…..Kudos to LeMoyne College as they put on an outstanding show Friday night as they welcomed four new members into the Gold Wave Hall of Fame.  Sheila Doyle Lawrence ’96, Robert Tifft ’94, Ken King (Honorary) and former Chiefs pitcher Jon Ratliff ’94 were honored. Jon mentioned that he was thrilled to conclude his baseball career in Syracuse with the Chiefs.  Our own Anthony “Tex” Simone received the Rev. Vincent B. Ryan, S.J. Dolphin Award and thanked LeMoyne Athletic Director **** Rockwell for all his support over the years…..Is it me or did Fall come and go to fast.

Playing Surface

Our good friends Bud Poliquin & Sean Kirst have suggested in the last few days that natural grass would make Alliance Bank Stadium much more fan friendly.

To set the record straight, the SkyChiefs agree with both Bud & Sean and would welcome the return to the days at MacArthur Stadium when the sight and smell of grass made the fan experience complete.

However, when the stadium was constructed in 1997, our local leaders (both county and state) promised the community a multi-purpose stadium in exchange for taxpayer dollars.  The multi-purpose events were to include:  baseball, football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, etc, during the months of March – November.

By changing over to all grass, community use would be cut back considerably with the months of October and November all but eliminated.

The Syracuse Chiefs, International League and the Toronto Blue Jays would all welcome natural grass and are not the roadblock in this debate. The Blue Jays four other minor league affiliates all play on grass, and after Scranton removes their artificial surface this fall, Syracuse will be the only artificial field in the International League.

With the surface at Alliance Bank Stadium in dire need of replacement it’s up to Onondaga County leaders to take the next step.

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