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Back in 2001 Onondaga County hired Carrier to perform an energy audit on then-P&C Stadium.  Carrier provided the County with a list of improvements that would lower the stadium gas/electric bill substantially.

Not until October of 2006 did the County act on this recommendation from Carrier.  It took the urging of Chiefs Chairmen of the Board Charlie Rich and Director Al Halstead to get the County representatives to commission Carrier to once again advise the County of additional ways to save energy.

Carrier’s understanding was that the facility was open 12-months a year and that certain rooms in the stadium needed to be operational all season long.  The Chiefs informed Carrier that only the team’s 5000 sq foot office area needed to be heated during the off season (September-March).

Carrier broke down the cost of electric and gas this way:  April-August (the five months the Chiefs play baseball) the utility bill was $110,000.  During September-March (when the Chiefs season is complete) the utility bill was  $190,000.

During the baseball season, the Chiefs occupy the stadium only 50% of the time.  And in the off-season, the County books events from September through late November exclusively.

Carrier’s updated report recommended that the County could save up to $100,000, mostly during the Chiefs off-season, which would lower the total bill to the neighborhood of $200,000.

The County Parks Dept, Mr. Rich and Mr. Halstead worked tirelessly to close up the stadium before the winter began despite getting off to a late start.

The immediate benefit was that their efforts produced a savings of nearly $22,000 in December 2006 vs December 2005.  The facility used approximately half the amount of energy as in the previous December.

That trend continued through this past month, with total savings of more than $60,000 to the County taxpayer over the first four months of the program.

The bottom line is that it does not cost $300,000 in gas and electric to run this stadium. Energy controls – like shutting off the heat in unoccupied rooms for seven months – can and have reduced the bills DRAMATICALLY.

The Chiefs have made this claim since the facility opened in 1997 and the ball club paid the entire bill.  In a letter to then-Chiefs Chairman of the Board **** Ryan dated January 6, 2000, County Executive Nick Pirro informed the ball club that the County had terminated the management agreement and therefore was assuming “management of the stadium including responsibility for utilities”.  In the letter, Pirro also wrote that “there are needed improvements yet to be made including: a draped backstop net, suite area improvements such as drainage, shutdown, roadway drainage, reducing the cost of winter utilities, outfield lighting, et al.”

Well it took Nick almost seven years to get at the “reducing the cost of winter utilities”.  And it took the urging of the Chiefs to get it done.

Tomorrow we will discuss the sub-standard field lighting and why we are preparing to play an 11th season on an out-dated astroturf field.


“Syracuse Chiefs” Baseball is back and after Monday’s official announcement we all here at INSIDE THE CHIEFS are appreciative of the reception from our fans with the change.  E-mails and phone calls have poured into our office on Tuesday with positive feedback on the new brand and what we plan to do with it in 2007.

Thanks to our entire staff, Merchandise manager Wendy Shoen who coordinated the entire change over , HJ Refici in design, Mike Voutsinas who coordinated our Web site image changeover , Andy Gee and Bob McElligott who orchestrated our media and p.r. campaign.

A special thanks to newly elected Chiefs President Ron Gersbacher, who Chaired a Special Projects Committee over the past year that included Board Members Charlie Rich, Bob Scalione, Doug Logan and David Panasci.

And to Plan B Branding, Jason Klein and Casey White who visited Syracuse this summer and put their energy and enthusiasm  back into our operation and provided us with the concept of Chiefs Baseball returning in 2007.

A job well done by everyone.



The Syracuse Chiefs held there first Stockholders Informational Meeting at Alliance Bank Stadium on Saturday as over 30 stockholders attended.  Chairman of the Board Charlie Rich explained the current status of the talks with the county and the club introduced new President Ron Gersbacher who outlined his plans for the 2007 season.  The two-hour informative session was a great way to let fans express their opinions and make suggestions on how to improve baseball in Syracuse.  The ballclub plans on a pre-season stockholders meeting in March and another in June during the 2007 season.

Baseball’s Winter Meetings will begin on Monday, December 4th in Orlando, Florida and CHIEFS BLOGS will be there for you.  We will blog on trade rumors, minor league free agent signings and much more.  Make sure to check our  web site for constant up-dates all week long.

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