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Chiefs go to Charlotte–a sorta live travel blog

This blog is sorta live because I wrote it when I could have my portable electronic device open.  

3:13 A.M.–Alarm clock goes off.  I feel like I’m at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

3:16–Hop into shower.  Think about the people on the West Coast who still have a full night of sleep ahead of them

3:28–Text Louisville radio announcer Matt Andrews, en route to Pawtucket, “Hope you had a nice little trip.”  No reply.  Sad.

3:30–Game time is officially 15 hours, 45 minutes and three naps away.  

3:38–Insufficient double-check to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything in the suitcase.  Guarantee I’ll remember something I left behind later.

3:42–Matt Andrews responds.  Tells me to travel safe.  He is 20 miles from Providence.  Nap time for him is imminent.

3:43–Write a few emails which will reveal themselves to be incoherent at a more respectable hour.

3:44–Realize, by looking at the clock in the upper-right of my computer, that it is Saturday.

3:46–Get in the car to drive to the ballpark.  Blast Foreigner.

4:00–Arrive at ballpark.  Saw seven cars on my 15-minute drive.

4:05–Stop in Trent Jewett’s office.  Ask if anything is new.  “There hasn’t been time for anything new,” the Chiefs’ manager says.

4:16–I’m assured by Greg Booker that it’s going to “get better before it gets worse.”  In addition, I “have nowhere to go but up.”  I cannot begrudge his use of sarcasm in the morning.  It’s significantly more real than the pretense of enjoying the morning four hours after the night ended.

4:31–Bus to airport leaves.  I’m handed 25 dollars for my checked bag.  As a group, we will send United stock through the roof.

4:50–Wait in line to check bag.  

5:00–Wait some more.  

5:02–Ask Jeff Mandel where Baylor is going in the conference carousel.  He seems to think the Mountain West is an option.

5:05–Go through security.  First time I’ve ever seen two security lanes open at Hancock International Airport.  In addition, I doubt that an international flight which does not arrive in a location east of the Mississippi which considers the maple leaf to be its national symbol departs from Syracuse.

5:26–Crossword puzzle time.

5:38–I realize my puzzle skill set is much weaker on little sleep.

5:42–As we board the first place to Washington-Dulles, the man behind me in line is pat-down searched pursuant to 49 USC 44903.  Tough day for that guy.

5:50–While on the plane, we are reminded that “when a lit sign indicates ‘exit’, you have reached an exit.”  Great.

5:52–We are reminded to “breathe normally” in case of a depressurized cabin.  Thanks.


7:20 or so–Land in Washington.  I nearly suffer cranial bleeding thanks to the last step of the deplaning process.

7:35–Take weird bus-looking shuttle thing to terminal A at Dulles.  Collin Balester muses that he’d like to own one of these and drive it around.

7:56–Board flight number two.

7:57–Jason Bergmann tries to explain to the clerk at the door that he cannot sit in row 15 while his daughter, age 2, sits in row 4.  The woman seems perplexed.  We resolve the issue among ourselves.

8:03–The flight attendant spiel on this flight is the most piercing one I have ever heard.  I tell Trent Jewett, across the aisle from me, that it feels as though someone has planted a speaker in my head.

8:10–Once again, breathe normally in case of depressurization.

8:15–As we taxi, Bergmann–a row behind me with his daughter–is told by a Mussolini-like flight attendant that we cannot take off until his daughter is buckled into her seat.  The woman across the aisle attempts to do the “you’re a big girl” routine to get the younger Bergmann to sit down.  This is a tired act.    

8:18–We take off.  Jason’s daughter is safe.

8:22–Jewett and I are bumped for the 100th time by a flight attendant. Confetti falls from sky.

8:23–The man next to me begins to snore.  

8:33–The man next to me continues to snore.

8:55–We begin our descent.  Bergmann is told that his daughter–now sleeping–cannot remain in Jason’s lap.  The flight attendant says “they are very strict about this.”  Who is “they”?  Are “they” watching?  Is this an Orwell novel?  I like to assume that a child sleeping in a father’s arms is relatively safe.  The woman lectures Bergmann for a short while.  This is getting ridiculous.  She moves on, finally, and tells about six consecutive passengers to put their seats up.  One of them, hilariously, is my gurgling row-mate whose seat is actually not at all inclined.

9:10–As wheels hit ground, the flight attendant is still not buckled into her seat.  I fear that “they” will soon come after her.

9:40–Baggage in hand, I jet over to the hotel in our rental van.

10:29–This blog ends.  I nap.

  I will regain consciousness in time for the 7:15 Chiefs-Knights game in Fort Mill, SC this evening.  Join us on the broadcast at 6:45 with the On Deck Show at

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The Washington Nationals made their final roster moves today before the start of the 2009 baseball season by optioning GARRET MOCK and JASON BERGMANN and assigning right hander pitcher JESUS COLOME to Syracuse.

The Nationals added non-roster players JOSH BARD (C), JULIAN TAVAREZ (RHP) and lefthander pitcher WILL LEDEZMA.

BERGMANN, 27 has played for the Nationals during parts of the past four seasons, making a combined 43 starts in 2007-2008.  This season he has been used exclusively out of the bullpen.

MOCK, 25, started his career with the Diamondbacks before being traded to the Nationals in 2006.  Used mainly as a starter, Mock made his major league debut last season for Washington going 1-3 with a 4.17 ERA in 26 appearances.

COLOME, 31, has pitched in over 300 games in the Major Leagues  with Tampa Bay and Washington. and has made 122 appearance out of the bullpen for the Nats the past two years all in relief.

The moves also allowed the Nationals to start the season with four starting pitchers leaving super pitching prospect JORDAN ZIMMERMANN expected to begin the season in Syracuse before the Nats need a fifth starter on April 19th.

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