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It’s January 3rd (Happy New Year) and another milestone has taken place during the off-season that everyone looks forward to. Just 100 days until Opening Day 2011 at Alliance Bank Stadium when the Syracuse Chiefs and new skipper Randy Knorr take the field against the Pawtucket Red Sox at 2:00 PM.

Next big date – February 22nd when spring training will be one week old and the countdown hits 50 days!

Here’s a picture of how the field looks today:

Field with snow


Stories From Above–Early Warning Doppler edition

Tom Terry, WFTV-9’s chief meteorologist, has spent the last 20 minutes flaunting his new tools.  Evidently, Channel 9–the ABC affiliate in Central Florida, just spent wheelbarrows of money on new weather radar.  And today, it’s all paid off.  Tom and his buddy Brian have been on television since I got back to the hotel room talking about this massive storm to our north.  As I was just writing this last sentence, Tom clicked a button and dragged a cone-shaped thing across the radar to the southeast to signify the path of the storm.  Tom is very worried about the children in Longwood, Florida.  He just advised parents there to pick their children up from the bus stop.  I call Tom by his first name because I think we know quite a bit about each other, now.

Tom, by the way, just told me than Channel 9 has teamed up with the National Severe Storm Laboratory.  They’ve developed a special computer program to look inside the storm.  Maybe we can use it to figure out what’s motivating this thing to ruin the lives of so many.

Now we just left that graphic to check out the Daytona Beach TowerCam.  Surprisingly, the lens is covered with water.   

Oh boy!  Red dots that look like clown noses have appeared on the radar!  Tom clicks on a red dot and we are given a probability that the storm will spawn rotation at the location marked by the red dots.  There’s a 44% chance that you folks in Apopka will see storm rotation.  What does that mean?  Heck if I know.  But it doesn’t sound good.

You’ve gathered that the game between the Astros and the Nats has been rained out.  I spent most of the morning in the rain at the minor-league complex watching the young hitters take some swings in the cage.

Ran into a few familiar faces.  John Poppert, last year’s do-everything coach, told me he got married in Pittsburgh in the offseason.  Also got a chance to chat with former Chief turned  Double-A Harrisburg manager Randy Knorr.  He’s excited to be managing again. 

Check out Inside Pitch for a conversation with Andrew Kown.  He made his Triple-A debut last year in Syracuse.  He’s got some interesting things to say about his offseason and the schedule he keeps during Spring Training.

For now, I’m going to go outside to monitor the barometric pressure.  Tom would be proud.


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